How to make a credit redemption in Paris?

  The accumulation of credits, a change of professional or personal situation, an unforeseen financial… The causes of difficulties of repayment of monthly installments are numerous. Before these difficulties settle and cause a chain reaction sometimes leading to the payment incident, it is better to favor alternative solutions. Among these solutions, it is now possible […]

Real Estate Repurchase Charges

Borrowing rates for home loans vary constantly. For several years, these rates are regularly revised downward, a decline sometimes very important. It is thus not uncommon to find a property financed at the beginning of 2010 at around 4%, which could, if it was currently subscribed, be less than 2%. On significant sums, such as […]

The operation of the mortgage repurchase

In the current state of borrowing rates, they are more and more interesting so that many former borrowers want to renegotiate their mortgage to benefit. This operation is called the home loan buyout. Let’s see how it works. What is the repurchase of mortgage loan? The sudden change in the financial situation, an accident of […]

The best repurchase of consumer credit, our ranking!

You may need a buy back of consumer credit to help you in a difficult financial period. But, it is important to be able to compare different organizations in order to find the best solution for your needs by taking into account different criteria. Here are some tips for finding the best consumer credit buyout. […]

Buy back Conso / immo credit: Which bank or organization?

With the number of over-indebted households , both banks and credit institutions have developed a new product; the redemption of the credits. There are several types of repurchases adapted to the situation and the needs of each one. How to choose your body? What are the criteria to consider? This post gives you practical advice. […]

Redemption of Credit for Officials

Are you civil servants looking for a solution to optimize your cash flow ? The redemption of credits is, perhaps, the right option to quickly recover purchasing power. You’ve thought about it, but do you need to collect information on this concept before you engage or discuss it with a financial advisor? This post has […]

Does an Educational Credit Suit Me?

We have heard a lot about educational credits , although we know that they can help us to complete a university or postgraduate career, the truth is that the information we have about this type of products is very basic. For this reason there is a large gap of information in young people that does […]

Are You Subject to Credit?

Accessing credits for your company with lower interest rates and fairer conditions, without a doubt is a very attractive incentive for anyone. Of course, the owner of an SME must be interested and at least take a look at the possibilities that it may have when accessing our platform.   Taking into account this premise […]